Shimmer + Shade

by XY&O

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released April 22, 2016



all rights reserved


XY&O Cardiff, UK

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Track Name: I'm Not Right
I could be the same as you.
We've got some time to multiply, let one be two.
Tell me what you want to do.
I've been saving all my nights, let's mix that blue.

As we're going down, down, down.
Tumble lay around, round, round.
Exorcise I feel no more.
You got me right down to the core

Chorus -

Yeah, lady
I'll just roll tonight
Know, I'm not the one
No, I'm not right

Oh, lover
I watch you sip that wine
But know, I'm not the one
No, I'm not right

Stupefy, I lost all me.
Dust the ground for the pieces that I can see.
We got Aphrodite free.
No more moving, no I need another deity.

And I go down below, oh, oh.
Leave me as I go, go, go.
Got me now I know myself.
Go girl with somebody else.


It's time we move, yeah we move solo.

Track Name: Low Tide
Move that way, you got the whole room
Jaws to the floor now, your sweet semaphore
Come what may, you got that Moulin
So alive, yeah, that rouge is so right

Be my siren, my private beach
I'll be the swell in the flow
Watch that water, we'll wade in slow
Deep breaths, we're heading below

I'll swim with you in the low tide
Be the highlight
Stay forever, forever the right side
Don't let go, I'll be the wave that you ride

Wrapped so tight, I'm in your silk lines
Nowhere to be and you spin to rewind
Shimmer light, I see them bones bright
Come get kaleidoscope high girl, you and I

Be my woman, my deep marine
I'll be the surge that you know
Thrill high diving, you got that sun
I swear you're the only one


[Middle 8]

Track Name: Lights On
Girl, evening,
Can I guess your name?
Slow talking
I don't play those games
Steady breathing,
Check your signs are right
Palpation of the soul tonight

Come give me that fever.
Identify, flow healer
Spirit alibi
All seasons
Every guarantee
Elevate and be forever free.

I'll fix your circuits right,
And leave you with your
Your lights on, your lights on

Surging, override
Switch it, put your
Your lights on, your lights on, yeah

Good morning, do you feel alive?
I'm bleary from these neon signs
Cold coffee
You missed your wake up call
Deprivation backs against the wall

Don't give it too easy
And believe me
Don't you wonder why?
Young thriller
Wired in every way
Full volts, electrify my day

[Chorus] x4
Track Name: Fahrenheit
You've got it
So chemical, I watch it go deeper below.
I want it,
A little more, come give it all, nothing solo.
Seasons grow, something I know
We just need to make it on time
I get cold the second you go,
I never felt something so fine.

Oh maybe,
We can get it right summer lady,
You've been on my mind,
I'm waiting.
The moment you arrive
Yea, we can re-ignite
High Fahrenheit

Don't stop it,
It's physical, so difficult we can refine.
I need it,
Looking for that something more we can entwine.
Seasons grow something I know
We just need to make it on time
I get cold the second you go
I never felt something so fine


Side by side we'll be looking so bright.
Side by side we'll be feeling alive.
We've been burning and August hurting.
We'll set September fires alight.